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Work with accounts, Work with BM, Replacement.

Instructions on how to connect BMs of any type to your account and work with them

Reasons of regular BM replacement:

If the BM is blocked - replacement is done. 
If links are inactive - replacement too

Open the browser in which you've already opened and logged in the account to which you want to link our БМ.

2. Paste link like https://fb.me/1JqwKW******* into address bar on empty tab

3. Follow fb instructions.

4. If you have done everything correctly, you will see a new BM on the business.facebook.com page

5. Go to the Settings tab -> People and remove us from the list of users.

6. If you are transferring a BM from a BM account you bought from us, delete the user from the bought social account, leave only yourself on the new account

7. Sometimes there are situations when fb does not allow you to delete a user within 7 days, you can safely pour from the aka, we do not keep any data from sold accounts, but if you still want to remove the user before the launch RK, just wait 7 days. For our part, we recommend you to remove us.

Be sure to create an additional user, so that at any rate, you will be able to drag the BM to another account and manage the RK. There is a bug in Fb recently, that your advertising activity can be blocked, ie you will not be able to stop or change the campaign, and the campaign will still be in active status.

What is BM $50/250?

BM $50/250 is Business Manager Facebook with created ad account, verified email and limit daily spend of $50 or $250 per ad account, not to be confused with billing.
All Bma check through https://cpa.rip/check-bm/ (For farma uses only this method of check). Replacing give only in the case of no match on the checker

Is it possible to share up to 5 accounts?

Yes, after 30-45$ it will allow you to create 4 more accounts

How does Business Manager transfer occur?

You will get the invoice (access) in the form of 1 or 2 links after the payment. The first link is the main, the second is a spare one, in case something happens with the first.

It looks like this:

https://fb.me/1K4KDxxxxxxxxxxxxx https:/fb.me/2vrsaypXXXXXXXXX

https://fb.me/1K4KDxxxxxxxxxxxxx https://fb.me/2vrsaypXXXXXXXXX

Once you receive the link, follow it in the browser window where your social account is authorized.


What is the best social account to link your BMs to?

This can be as autoreg, as brut, log, rent account, the main thing that you were confident in the account.


Why is the limit not $350 but $250?

Facebook cut the limit to $250 on all VMs. In fact, no one in the market has $350 limits right now.

Confirmed mail?


In what cases do we make replacements

If BM link is not valid (within one day after purchase).

If the amount of withdrawal does not match the BM (Sometimes you need to spill a little to raise the limit).

If you logged into BM and it is immediately banned (within one day of purchase).

We strongly recommend that you knit all purchased VMs immediately after purchase and buy only the amount you need to work now (no need to stock up).


Working with Facebook Autorags

Types of cookies: 
[{"domain":".facebook.com", "expirationDate":1647605565, "httpOnly":true, ......
Cookie input - JSON format

Important: We recommend to use anti-detect browsers, as they replace the iron fingerprints that FB sees.
Ordinary browsers can expose you to FB and throw your account to selfies. 
The replacements are only done if you use an anti-detect browser.
Although, if you use a good proxy, you can work from a regular browser. So do many of our customers.

P.S All known anti-detect browsers work based either on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
In prl. for chrome you need to install cookies in prl. when you visit facebook.com
Download the extension at https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/likepusher-cookies/

Chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cookie-editor/hlkenndednhfkekhgcdicdfddnkalmdm    

In the extension, enter the code after || press "UPLOAD", all go to www.facebook.com

Cookie example: [{"domain":".facebook.com", "expirationDate":1647605565, "httpOnly":true, ......

1. Download the extension
2. Install it on your browser (Mozilla or Chrome).
3. Clean the cache and cookies on your browser
3. In the upper right corner, click on the extension icon and go to settings (Editor)
4. spoil (little "Import cookies as JSON" not "Add") the new cookies with a separate .txt file starting with [{"domain":".
File should contain only cookies without unnecessary water (login, password, discount for next purchase)
5. Go to Facebook in a new or the same tab - the account should be already open.

How to extend the life of your account and gain more trust (heat):

1. The most important thing is to use anti-detection browsers and good individual proxies.

2. We recommend that you first log into your account using cookies, and then immediately log out of it.

3. We recommend you to log into the account again in 24 hours from the same IP address

4. Browse through the feed and then attach a BM

Working with TickTock accounts

How to start a better account?
- It is possible to use any qualitative proxy (including Ukr. and RU).
- It's better to use anti-detection type like Indigo, Multi-Login...

Is my account verified?
Yes, your account is fully verified.

Can I start advertising at once?
Yes, you can advertise right after purchase.

Where we accept the payment:

1) WMZ

2) BTC


4) Capitalist.net

5) UAH card